Liframy – Malachite and Azurite Ring size 6.5

The Wisdom of Heaven Speaks Through this Spiritual Ring


I wanted as little metal on this stone as possible.  A simple frame because this Malachite and Azurite is a work of art all on its own ??.  Azurite  (called the stone of heaven) is believed to provide insight into all areas of your life.  Malachite is said to help heal emotional pain and together they can help give a fresh outlook on life—what an incredible balance.

Size 6.5 stone dimension approximately 3/4 inch roundish.

Knowing your stone’s healing properties can help connect you to its history, and giving your piece a purpose before you wear it helps connect you to the earth.

This stunning one-of-a-kind ring is part of the Collection at Liframy from Earth’s treasures s artisan-crafted, with love by Amy Whitten in Americas west to capture that boho vibe.

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