Shop Liframy – Smithsonite Stone Ring size 8.5

☀ ☀ ☀ A Mediterranean Summer Sun Ring That Conjures Up Happy Memories…


My family and I love to travel. We have been incredibly blessed to spend some time exploring Greece. Not only is the country beyond gorgeous but the culture and people are so full of passion and love . I returned with unforgettable memories, a few extra pounds and a few Smithsonite stones mined in Lavrio.  This warm Smithsonite stone reminds me of the bright Mediterranean sun.
Ring is a size 8.5 . The stones measurements -1 inch by approximately 3/4 inch .

About Amy The Pasion the family and friends and Fun behind Liframy that create the force that is Amy Laframy Whitten Jewelry 9 1024x533 - Shop Liframy – Smithsonite Stone Ring  size 8.5
Amy “Liframy” Whitten – Inspired by love, designed from the heart, and passionately forged by hand in the Rocky Mountains
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