Liframy – Valentine’s Day Rings of Passion Designed with Love


Liframy – All our stones are ethically sourced natural gemstones stones artisan forged with sterling silver and 18K gold created with passion and inspired by the stones spirit and nature.


Rings for Valentine’s Day or any day filled with love, passion and healing from the earth.

Chose a gemstone to flame your passion, turquoise, rainbow labradorite, rhodonite, rainbow moonstone, malachite, azurite…… feel its healing with Liframy one-of-a-kind jewelry statement rings that create an earthy vibe that is a gift from mother nature’s earth treasures.

Liframy- Statement Jewelry Created with Passion from Earth’s Exquisite Treasures

All our stones are ethically sourced, natural gemstones. Earthstone jewelry is artisan forged with sterling silver and 18K gold created with love and inspired by the stones’ spirit and nature.  Amy celebrates not only the stones’ spirit but the hands behind it to celebrate the bohemian in you.

The inspirational jewelry in Amy’s Commissioned Design Collection were created upon clients’ requests. They are inspirational and can help to guide you and Amy on the journey to create an exclusive masterpiece that is unique to you.

?   ☀ Each design, the only in the world !  ☀ ?

Your unique piece will evolve from searching for that one-of-a-kind stone from reputable sources and then waiting for nature to share her inner voice in the stone’s spirits. Sharing the energy and joy of our creation on a journey that goes where the magic takes us to create that exquisite artist-made statement piece just for you. 

? Please Make Me a One-of-a-kind Unique Boho Style Statement Piece! ?

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