Liframy – Custom Artisan Seven Dwarfs Turquoise Statement Ring


❤  This Custom Artisan Seven Dwarfs Turquoise Statement Ring Speaks to my Soul.  I share the magic with you to give you the inspiration to take a journey and have a unique one-of-a-kind boho style statement piece made just for you.


I’m a big believer in…the answers are in the earth and if you are drawn to a stone, it’s for a reason; more than just its beauty.  Each stone is special in its own right, possessing certain properties and energies that resonate with each of us.  We are in need of its supportive energy.  This custom Seven Dwarfs Turquoise ring is off to its new home.  I hope it brings so much joy!

Would you like a Custom Artisan Seven Dwarfs Turquoise Ring – Drop me Line

The inspirational jewelry in Amy’s Commissioned Design Collection were created upon clients’ requests. They are inspirational and can help to guide you and Amy on the journey to create an exclusive masterpiece that is unique to you.

?   ☀ Each design, the only in the world !  ☀ ?

Your unique piece will evolve from searching for that one-of-a-kind stone from reputable sources and then waiting for nature to share her inner voice in the stone’s spirits. Sharing the energy and joy of our creation on a journey that goes where the magic takes us to create that exquisite artist-made statement piece just for you. 

? Please Make Me a One-of-a-kind Unique Boho Style Statement Piece! ?

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