Liframy – Moonstone Ring Sterling Silver size 8

Moonstone ? ✨One of my favorite stones of all time.  Moonstones energy is balancing, and it is a stone for wishing and hoping ? It can help you with changing negative patterns in your life.

The energy “new beginnings” ? ✨It feels so amazing to wear.


This one-of-a-kind Stunning Gemstone shines brilliantly Speaking softly of God’s Creation

One of my all-time favorite stones ; Moonstones energy is balancing and it is a stone for wishing and hoping.  The stone is said to help change negative patterns in your life… to new beginnings!
Stone dimensions 3/4 inch by 1/2 inch. Matted sterling silver band.

The energy “new beginnings“ ? It feels so amazing to wear.

✨?  Why Imagine and Wish for New Beginnings When You Can Start Today!  ?✨

This stunning Moonstone ring is part of the Liframy – Inspired Creations, gemstones that speak of God’s creation connecting the realms of land, sea and sky, or the physical, mental and spiritual needs of mankind with the earth collection by Amy Whitten.  This Boho Vibe Exotic Gemstone Jewelry Collection combines stones from around the world ? in lovingly created hand forged sterling silver and 18k gold.

Amy is inspired by the spirit of the stone and the nature that surrounds her studio deep in the heart of the rocky mountain range.

Liframy stones are ethically sourced natural gemstones stones artisan forged with ♻ sterling silver and 18K gold created with passion and inspired by the stones spirit and nature.

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