Liframy – Indonesian Opal Wood Boho Creations size 9

Indonesian Opal Wood Boho statement Creations are made from wood that has turned into stone.  It’s truly special if you think about it.  If only this stone could talk.

Exotic Destinations


I live in the mountains but I’m a beach girl at heart . I’m always drawn to colors and images that bring me to the beach. This Indonesian Opal Wood stone does just that. This stone is helpful with grounding, strength and healing.

Exotic Destinations

Set in sterling silver , hammered band.  Stone dimensions 1 inch by 3/4 inch

Liframy Collection Exotic Gemstones Earth stone creations a boho Collection uniquely curated to include pieces that embody traditional American West culture by Amy Whitten 1024x533 - Liframy - Indonesian Opal Wood Boho Creations  size 9
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