Shop Liframy – Hope and Love Within an Earthy Azurite Malachite Cuff

May your heart be filled with hope and love ❤️ Sterling silver hand-forged hammered cuff with a unique earthy Azurite-Malachite stone ❤ This one-of-a-kind exquisite artist made boho style statement cuff is for the bohemian vibes in you.


This unbelievably gorgeous Azurite Malachite stone reminds me of our beautiful earth. Every day is a gift. Ground yourself in the Energy of the Earth. You will feel the love.

Unique, earthy Azurite Malachite stone-set in a 3/4-inch sterling silver hand-forged hammered cuff. The stone is approximately 1 inch round.  Inside cuff measurements 5  3/4 inch etched with the words “hope” and “love”.  Fits small to medium wrist.

Fill Your Heart with Hope and Love!


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