Shop Liframy – Dendritic Quartz with Rainbow Silver and Gold Pendant

Dendritic Quartz is nature’s painting. A crystal of spiritual, emotional and physical expansion.

It is said to bring great hope and strength to move forward.


Each Dendritic Quartz stone has plant or tree-like inclusions formed by iron or manganese. Each one totally unique. A true painting of mother nature. This one has a beautiful rainbow! Dendritic Quartz helps to bring abundance and fullness to one’s life. It helps to create space for peace and encourages us to live in the moment.
Set in an 18k gold bezel and hoop with a sterling silver open back base. Chain is not included and due to the mixed metal design, this pendant looks equally beautiful when paired with a silver or gold chain.

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Liframy, Amy Whitten jewelry designs Gemstone Creations made in the USA – Boho gemstone jewelry That is unique, just like you!

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